Have you ever set goals for yourself, that you truly believed were possible, yet no matter what you do or try, they just don’t seem to be coming to fruition? The problem is, there is a system for goal achievement and most people only have part of the system. Often they are missing this ONE crucial step.

Aligning your goal with your future identity.

Any goal worth achieving should be a goal that stretches you and helps you grow. Most people don’t visually connect to WHO they are going to be and what their life will be like in the future, having achieved their goal.

It’s a crucial step in the goal achievement process.

Consider this…

We are picture making machines.  Every thought we have is displayed on the screen of our mind in a series of pictures that then evoke our emotions and feelings. It’s our emotions and feelings that send out an energetic frequency or resonance that tells the universe what we want in our lives.

If your resonance is where you are at now, you’re going to get more of what you have now.

If you want to change that, you’ve got to be able to CONNECT with your goal and IMAGINE yourself having achieved it already. You’ve got to be able to visualise your future self doing that, having that, being that, experiencing that…

over and

over and

over again – now.

Repetition is the key here.

The very best top performers do it so much so, that they see it and feel it in a way that it is real and alive to them now. 

Sometimes what happens is we get detached from our goals in our present life because we can’t see them fulfilled in our future life. That’s because our self image or the way we see ourselves isn’t at a level to believe it’s possible.

The reality is unless you improve that image of yourself, it doesn’t matter how many skills and skills sets you obtain, how many courses or training programs you study, that goal you have will ALWAYS elude you.

Dr Maxwell Maltz in his book Psycho-cybernetics referred to it as a cyber-mechanism. It’s like a thermostat. Wherever you are – high or low, your self image will have a set point that will always pull you down or lift you up and bring you back to whatever your set point is.

To help you understand the importance of your self image, I wrote an entire chapter on it in the book “Creating your Life: The Law Of Attraction”

You can download a free copy of the chapter or listen to a MP3 audio recording of the chapter here.

The second way to overcome detachment from your goals is to visualise them.

Meditate on them.

Emotionally experience them. And do it often.

If your goals are worthy of you and your time and your future life, then you want to fall in love with them. 

Think about it…

Remember when you first fell in love – your first love.

Did you have to reminded to think of that person? or were they always on your mind?

Did you go to bed dreaming about them, wondering if they were thinking about you.

Did you wake up in the morning with them on our mind.

The point is, you didn’t have to schedule time in your calendar to remember to visualise about them – you just did.

They took up your entire mind space.

That’s what you’ve got to do with your goals.

Fall in love with them.

Fall in love with your future self and your future life.

Then be present in the moment and take the necessary actions steps to achieve it.

If you can’t see your goals TODAY being important to your future you, then that’s why you’re not committed to them, and not interested in achieving them.

If that’s you, then you have one of two choices:

Realise the goal is not important and LET IT GO,

move on, quit it


Align it with your future self, in a way that makes it meaningful so you’re excited to think and create beautiful pictures about it.


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