This is one of my favourite phrases I like to use when working with clients in our coaching programs. It was originally taught to me by my husband Douglas Peacock and is a phrase that when mastered, has the ability to shift the outcome of any experience in life.

Just Love It

It’s one of those phrases that takes the energy out of anything negative. You can’t be in the emotion of love AND a negative emotion simultaneously (like anger, fear, or frustration). It’s impossible. I dare you to try it for yourself to prove me wrong. (Or you can just take my word for it). You’ll soon discover you can hold one emotion and one only.

And then, if things weren’t going my way and I was fighting hard to stay in control of the moment, Doug would follow up with,

Would you rather be right or in love?

Frustrating man to live with…right? 😊

If we are fighting to stay in control of something, we are also fighting to be “right”

This works if you do it this way. Can you do what I’ve told you to do? This is what we are doing and how I want it done. 

This simple statement taught me to let go of control. To have faith in a higher purpose and to allow things to freely flow. It’ll teach you that you don’t need to be right or in control of anything, because everything will work out exactly how it is meant to.

Spirit never expresses itself any other way than perfectly.

Let’s face it – we don’t have all the answers and never will! Trying to be in control of everything shuts down the guidance and flow of prosperity from the universe.

When we ask ourselves would we rather be right or in love, we’re essentially choosing which side of the coin we want to experience life from. Fear and love are two sides of the same coin. They are polar opposites of each other and where we place our focus determines our experience.

When you feel fear, most people go into fight of flight mode. They either run away and never face what is in front of them (which just means the universe will try again at another time to help you overcome it), or they’ll suit up and go into battle with it. Remember, the thing I am referring to can be something physical, mental or emotional. Regardless of what it is, it is an exhausting way to live!

Instead, look at the thing you are faced with and consciously choose love over fear.

Repeat the statement ‘Would I rather be right or in love?”

And if faced with anything that brings up fear, just love it. Love the person, love the emotion, or send love to the negative thought. In a nano-second your experience will change for the better.

Note: This post excludes when fear is presented to keep you safe. Pay attention and take appropriate action in this circumstance. 

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