I was listening to an audio on my morning run the other day, and I heard for the very first time something that was so profound, it has changed my view of the world and everything it in.

Here’s what I heard:

The atom is made up of 99.9000000000009% space

and 0.0000000000001% (thats one trillionth %) matter.

Now before you switch off with this mathematical jargon, here’s why it blew my mind.

The atom – the thing that is the building block of ordinary matter like your shoes, your house, your car and anything else you desire that makes you more comfortable and is in physical form, is predominantly made up of space.

This space is energy or the quantum field otherwise known as possibility.

But where do we place most of our focus and attention 99% of the time?

On the matter or the physical!

We don’t focus on the possibility, that’s woo woo.

We focus on the matter.

The part of the atom that is so small I had to Google check what it was in words!

Really think about this…

Next time you feel confined, or in conflict or struggling with something, STOP and ask yourself…

Am I focusing on the possibility in front of me, or the matter?

Am I focusing on the 99.9trillionth or the 0.1trillionth?

It’s not your fault that your answer is probably the latter.

We have been conditioned to focus on the matter.

We have been trained to use our senses to filter out the possibility and only see matter.

Now that you are reading this, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to re-train your brain to look for possibility rather than focus on the matter.

The best place to start, is by practicing being present.

Take a moment to quieten your mind and connect with yourself.

You can do this by focusing on your breath, or I like to imagine I have a candle flame in the centre of my chest.

The candle flame ignites into a ball of light.

The more I focus on the flame or the light, the brighter it glows and begins to radiate from within me.

When you do this, you are opening your mind to the quantum field of possibilities.

Now, holding this magical space and feeling within, consider the problem, obstacle or struggle you are facing, and notice the freedom and lightness you feel as your mind searches for a solution in this infinite world of possibility.

Feel good?

This is the first step to re-training your brain.

Every time you catch yourself focusing on the “matter,” stop and remind yourself what teeny weeny portion you are focusing all your energy on.

Practice getting present and opening your heart and awareness to the possibility of all that there is.

Let go of the limitations (matter) and allow possibility to be your default.

This is such a game changer in how I view the world.

Let me know if it’s made an impact on your too.



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