My husband is a tool – and I love him for it!  ❤️

He’s sitting on the couch pulling funny faces at me, coming up with lots of different suggestions of what I can write about. The biggest thing I love about him though…is he’s not giving up on me.

I’m having a moment.

I’ve got MASSIVE writers block. I know I need to write a blog post, I WANT to write a blog post. Yet every time I sit at my desk, I hear crickets! (That sound of uncomfortable silence, and just a cricket noise in the background)

Not a single thought comes to mind!

Well that’s not technically correct. Lots of thoughts are coming to mind, but none are conducive to me putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard so I can produce an actual result!

Why is this so hard? I’m so not a writer. I don’t know why I bother. I’m sure no-one reads them. What’s my core message? Do I even have a message? How good am I. I can’t even remember what my core message is. Is there even a reason I have a blog? I had heaps of ideas – where the hell did they all go? This is so damn frustrating! Negative Nancy you are making me mad! I’m in the pity pit. I know it. 


Wow! Talk about garbage in my head!

And to think, some people live with thoughts like this for 90% of their lives!

Thankfully for me, I know better!

The easiest way to clear the negativity in your head is to…MOVE.

Get up out of your chair and move!

Walk around your office or house. Walk up and down your stairwell. Walk around your block or down the street – ever if it’s only for 5 mins. The key here is to move!! You will be more productive putting your gym gear on and going to the gym for 45 mins that sitting at your desk paper shuffling getting more and more frustrated with your lack of progress and results (and your body will love you for it!)

It doesn’t matter what you do – you just need to move.

Movement breaks the spiralling downward pattern in your head. It activates genes that release different hormones and chemicals in your body. You physically CANNOT be the same person you were when you were “wallowing” at your desk when you have movement in your body.

The next thing you need to do is become aware of what’s going on. For me and writing blog posts or newsletters, it was like my desk was the trigger for my ideas and creativity to go walkabout! So I recognised I needed to change WHERE I was writing my blogs.

TIP: Change Your Environment.

I recognised that I get lots of stories and teachings when I run, or shower, or even a few minutes after waking up in the morning. Basically whenever I’m daydreaming. Ideas for articles & blog posts, and newsletters often flood into my head. Yet as soon as I sit down at my desk – they all disappear!

So today, I picked up my pen and paper and walked outside. I popped the sun umbrella up, dropped my feet into the pool, and viola – this blog post was written in less than 30 mins!!

Happy Dance!

That’s often all we need to do when we are feeling  blocked or stuck. Get up (create movement), and change the space or elements you are surrounding yourself with.

Today I reconnected with WATER which represents “SPIRIT” to me. And sure enough, my spirit environment rewarded me richly.

So next time you are feeling  blocked or have Negative Nancy inhabiting your head, get up and go for a walk, then look at how you can change the space or environment you are in to stimulate better productivity and action.


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