C.G Jung said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Think about that for a moment.

What does it really mean?

Anyone who has been following me on social media will know that I’ve been submerged in this topic over the past 4 weeks.

A healing with Douglas Peacock opened up a side of me that I had no idea was even there.

There has been tears, mourning, grief, anger, frustration, betrayal, anger (did I say that already…it bears saying it again). Even my physical body has gotten in on the act with a cold sore, boil like symptoms, a sty on my eye, bloating…you name it! It’s like the toxicity and pus (sorry – I can’t think of a better word to use) that has lived in my body can no longer live there anymore and has to come out. Whilst it hasn’t been the greatest time of my life, it has come with a sense of great relief and gratitude.

(Better out than in –  I say.)

I’m grateful for the self awareness I have about what happened, and that I have the wisdom to know it is in the past. It cannot hurt me or affect me in any way that I do not choose myself moving forward.

I’m grateful for the mindfulness I’m able to practice and just observe what’s going on.

I’m excited for the journey ahead, knowing that this has been a deep rooted sub-conscious block. Now that I am aware of the content of what was locked away, I can see how it was responsible for many self-sabotage moments, lack thinking, feeling and acting like a victim. I can see where I survived by fighting back and used domination, force and control to gain my success.

Now, I am focusing on the whole of me. The oneness of my spirit and soul. (Tad woo I know…but let’s face it, I’m married to a woo so I must have some woo in me!)

There is room now for me to become who I truly am. 

Some people want to dwell on the past and get all the details, and heal all the parts that were wronged. But I believe there is no need to do that.

All you need to do, is to DECIDE what you want.

Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel?

Life is for living and that means looking ahead to what is before you and in front of you.

It means focusing on what you truly want out of life, and believing you can have it.

Mastering who you are is not something that happens once and then you move onto the next thing. It’s a life-long project that involves you being able to love and accept all the wonderful things that make you – you.

Kiss yourself, appreciate yourself, and most importantly BE yourself.

You are unique, special and amazing.

Cheering you on,



Have you sat down and assessed the different areas of your life to figure out what you truly want? Sometimes we need some prompts to help us get in the right mindset, That’s why I created the Goal Planning Worksheet. It covers 6 areas of your life and asks you a series of questions to get you thinking about what you truly desire.

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