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Top Gear coaching can be defined as “succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term.”

Which means coaching you further than you have gone before – beyond the norm of your typical results and life experience – and then helping you continuously grow and succeed.

Top Gear Coaching encompasses the feelings of joy and confidence that comes from living from your highest self.


It doesn’t matter which coaching program, course or event you engage in, they all point to one ultimate aim:

To raise your level of conscious awareness so you can Be-Do-Have anything you desire.

My approach is a holistic one – far more encompassing than just helping a client reach one specific goal like an accountability coach might. Clients don’t want to just hit a small set of goals anymore. They want total transformation and alignment. They want to know they are performing at home and in business. I deliver sessions and content that help clients discover deep insights and make major breakthroughs. We work together to achieve accelerated growth.


Most life coaches and trainers are taught only to elicit the client’s goals, then to work with the client to reach those goals. Their typical sessions are very similar, in which the coach asks the client, “So what are you working on? What’s holding you back? Let’s talk that through.” Unfortunately, this becomes repetitive for the client (and very boring for high-achieving clients).

My approach is completely different. The larger outcome, even beyond any goal of yours, is to help you reach “Top Gear” performance in all areas of your life. I focus on teaching you new habits, tools and concepts that further your education and growth. I help you create a unique roadmap for progress so you are consistently advancing no matter what your goal.


Yes. Other coaching programs and online courses may have failed you in the past because there was an assumption made that the coach or program would be able to elicit a dramatic personal transformation out of you every time for every session. It’s unrealistic and ill-fated. What they fail to provide is a time-tested process that develops you as a person.

My coaching and training programs are systems for exploring important issues and finding new points of growth. There’s a process anyone can follow regardless of stature, background or intellect.


CLICK HERE and complete the form. One of my team will arrange an online meeting between you and I so we can explore the possibilities of working together. I have many different programs available and it all depends on where you are at and what you need RIGHT NOW as to what I’d recommend as your next step.

There’s no obligation, no extra charge, no hard core sales…the purpose is to get to know you better and help you take your next step.

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I choose to live every day from my heart. I choose love over fear. I choose to feel good about myself, because it’s the ‘on’ switch to my dream life. Life is made up of choices, so choose wisely. We only get one shot at it.

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