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Have you ever experienced a time where you felt physically and mentally exhausted?  Maybe it’s because everything seemed like hard work?  Or YOU were the only person doing everything?

That’s how I felt.

And let me tell you…it can be EXHAUSTING.

About 10 years ago, I was in my 2nd year of business plus I was competing (seriously) in Outrigger canoe paddling.

I was training between 8-10x a week with 3-4 of those sessions cross-training on my Surfski in the Brisbane river.

I had reached a point where I was overwhelmed and exhausted with how I was living my life. I felt like “nothing happened” if “I” didn’t make it happen.

“I” was the driving force.

“I” had to work hard to get what I wanted.

“I”had to stay motivated and positive.




This is me paddling my surf ski on the Gold Coast canals

I was sick of feeling exhausted and completely out of balance in every aspect of my life.

So I decided to get a healing from my friend (aka now husband) Douglas Peacock to see if he could help me achieve more balance and harmony.

During the healing, one of the things he recognised was how heavily I relied on my masculine energy to get things done. It was my driving force. It helped me win my competitions and achieve my goals and gain the success I’d had up to that point in my life.

But it was draining me of my life force.

And there were times I didn’t like myself (too dominating, & controlling).

So he turned my Yang (masculine) energy down, and turned my Yin (feminine) energy up.

At first I didn’t notice anything different. I went about the rest of my day without incident.

The very next day, I went down to Comslie Beach on the Brisbane river to paddle my surf ski and do my normal training program.

I put my boat in the water, and started my warm-up. Within seconds, I found myself submerged under the water. I’d fallen off the ski. What???

First things first, the Brisbane river is not exactly crystal clear water. Sometimes it’s positively slimy and very very brown. You do everything you can to stay ON TOP of the water.

Secondly, I hadn’t fallen off my surfski in over 3 years!

I couldn’t believe what happened.

I climbed back on, and set off again.

100-150 metres upstream, I fell off again!


During my 60 min training session, I fell off 5 times in total.

I was completely flabbergasted at what had just happened.

When I got home from the training session, I called Doug and asked him “What the hell is going on? What have you done to me?”

He explained that, this was part of the process. With my Yang energy turned down, I could no longer do things the way I used to do them (with force). I had to tap into my feminine energy and learn how to master that. He explained, Yang uses strength. Yin uses power.

Power vs strength.

With that knowledge I persisted through the numerous falls into the river and about 2 weeks later, I felt comfortable once again.

That being the case I decided to do a time trial. It was a distance I’d done many times before and I used it as a measure of how effective my training was.

There were TWO things that blew my mind.

When I was paddling, I was going as hard as I could, but it didn’t feel hard. In fact, it felt like I was just cruising. And even though I was racing, I was able to soak in the beauty of the landscape surrounding me. I felt like the trees along the banks were contributing to my energy exertion doing the time trial (Sounds woo woo I know)

AND (here’s the real mind blast)

I recorded a PB!!

And not just a PB by seconds, I smashed my previous best time!!

I was 5x faster than my previous best time!

And I did it with what felt like less effort!

Doug said to me later that evening that I had now mastered the Yin (feminine) energy and recognised how powerful and useful it could be. My next step was to incorporate both into all areas of my life and operate from a balanced Yin/Yang energy.

It was a huge learning for me, and has made a MASSIVE difference to everything I do.

Whenever I experience conflict, I can immediately recognise where I am out of balance and now I have the strategies to get me back into flow and harmony.

I’m excited to say Doug is sharing with our community a very special webinar on how to master your Yin/Yang energies.

Here Are The Details :

Wednesday 25th January – 7:00pm AEST

Online via Zoom

Register Your Seat Here

I highly recommend you attend live. He is extremely practical in his advice and can energetically see in a matter of secs where you are out of balance and what impact it’s having on your results. He’ll also share with you his famous Yin/Yang profile test.

I’d love to know what your results are, so feel free to share them with me on my Facebook page.

Here’s to finding balance and harmony in life!

With gratitude,


FREE WEBINAR – Master Your Yin Yang Energy

With world renowned energy healer Douglas Peacock

Wednesday 25th January 2017 – 7:00pm AEST

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