We are programmed both genetically and environmentally, which means we are a product of SOMEONE ELSE’S habitual way of thinking…

…until we get to a point where we begin to understand that we really do have control over our life.

For example, we have control over the growth of our business – the economy doesn’t control our business  – we control our business.

As we think – so our life becomes.

Begin to pay attention to what it is you are thinking.

Life may seem a mystery until we begin to recognise that what we are thinking about does begin to manifest and show up in our every day lives.

If the average person said what they were thinking, they would be speechless.

Earl Nightingale

2% of people think. 3% of people think they think, and 95% would rather die than think.

Dr Ken McFarland

Most people believe they think all the time, but mental activity is NOT the same as thinking.

We receive millions of bits of information every second into our conscious mind through our 5 senses. Our brain is constantly filtering and sorting the information it receives.

It’s a very very busy part of our being – even more so in this modern age of technology.

However, the average person mistakes this immense amount of info coming in as thinking, when it’s not actually thinking – it’s just busy.

The purpose of all life is to grow. We are beings of progressive growth. We need growth in order to “live”. And we only achieve progressive growth when we are thinking.

If we are not thinking, we are not growing, and that’s why most people are stuck.

Every year, they get the same results as last year. They repeat the same patterns and most of that is because they simply are not thinking.

Raymond Holliwell says,

“If his ruling mind is upward bound, that is, aspiring, harmonious, and positive, all his forces will be directed into constructive channels; but if his state of mind is downward in tendency, that is, discordant and negative, then almost all his forces will be mis-directed.”

So how do you begin to think in an upward bound direction?

You start by figuring out what it is you want. What do you really want?

Not what you think you can get or do, but what you really truly want.

What do you really want?

You will be AMAZED at how many people are unable to answer that question. I think that’s because as little children we were conditioned NOT to go after what we wanted. We were discouraged time and time again.

Think about your childhood…

Child: Mummy (or Daddy), I want this.

Mum: How are you going to get that or Where’s the money going to come from for that?

Of course the child can’t answer those questions, so pretty soon they stop asking for what they want, and they stop thinking about it.

As children, we fantasised all the time about what we wanted in our lives. We day dreamed and used our imagination to bring what we wanted into our reality. As adults we need to get back to that place of fantasy.

We need to fantasise about what we want, and then turn that fantasy into a theory, because then we’re starting to think.

So to get upward movement or growth, we have to think and our thinking has to be directed towards a result that we truly do want. Whether it’s in our work, our personal life or relationships, we need to be really clear on what we truly want?

The beautiful truth is we can have anything we want.

What do you want?

It’s a passion of mine to help people recognise where they are living habitually as opposed to living from their truth – meaning living by what they think they can achieve vs living by what they truly desire.

You CAN HAVE anything you want.

The first step is figuring out exactly what that is.

Begin by thinking.

Cheering you on,

Terriane Palmer


Have you sat down and assessed the different areas of your life to figure out what you truly want? Sometimes we need some prompts to help us get in the right mindset, That’s why I created the Goal Planning Worksheet. It covers 6 areas of your life and asks you a series of questions to get you thinking about what you truly desire.

You can download it for free here.

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